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Why Shenandoah Smiles?

Comfort. Care. Concern.

And the utmost professionalism: At Shenandoah Smiles, we know it’s often difficult for children to be fully at ease when they visit the dentist. That’s why Dr. Melissa Gibson and her team go to such great lengths to ensure that their young patients are as comfortable as possible every minute they’re with us.

Always at Ease.

It all begins the moment a patient walks through the door. Our friendly, fun environment — what youngster can possibly resist the bubble machine in our reception area? — provides a safe, relaxing space for kids to play while they’re waiting for their appointment. The good times continue in the treatment rooms; ceiling-mounted televisions give children an entertaining diversion while they’re in the dental chair.

Getting to Know You.

Each of our patients is a person to us, not just a name and number in an appointment ledger — and that includes their family. Led by Dr. Gibson, our welcoming staff will take the time to talk with every young patient and their caregiver, explaining who we are, what we do, and why the child’s treatment — whether a general cleaning, a cavity fill or something more detailed — is the right course of action. These initial chats forge lasting bonds of trust, and our connection with every patient is a relationship we value highly.

Quality Care for All Kinds of Kids.

The Shenandoah Smiles team is skilled in every aspect of pediatric dentistry, and we’re fully equipped to give your child the finest care. For patients with additional needs, Dr. Gibson is trained in both in-office sedation and behavioral guidance, ensuring that all children get exactly the treatment their situation merits. And we’ll never proceed with these additional steps without parental approval.

Talking It Out.

Dr. Gibson is also passionate about dental education for children and adults alike, so she’s eager to take the time to explain a variety of treatment choices and will answer any questions you have. Informed parents are reassured caregivers, and relaxed children make for engaged patients. It all adds up to a practice unlike any other. We’re certain you and your child will be pleased — pay us a visit and discover the fun in pediatric dentistry.

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