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Loss of even one tooth can have a deleterious impact on your child's overall oral health and, of course, their appearance. Extraction is very much a last resort for any practitioner, but in some instances it’s simply unavoidable. Among them:

  • Severe decay that would prove impervious to standard treatment and restoration 
  • Advanced gum disease 
  • An infection or abscess that’s resistant to standard treatment 
  • Necessary orthodontic correction (removing a tooth or teeth to ensure optimal alignment with orthodontia such as braces) 
  • Malpositioned teeth 
  • Fractured teeth or roots that are beyond repair 
  • Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth and regular teeth alike) 


Dr. Gibson will never recommend an extraction without extraordinarily careful and thoughtful examination, usually with X-rays to determine the exact shape and position of the tooth, and whether it might be salvageable without full extraction. Depending on the severity and degree of difficulty involved, she may refer you to an oral surgeon for further care.

Any extraction will bring with it a degree of pain and oral discomfort; these symptoms can be minimized with painkillers and periodic application of an ice pack on the point of greatest sensitivity. 

If your child experiences severe or prolonged pain, swelling, bleeding or fever after an extraction, please contact us immediately.

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