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In some instances, Dr. Gibson might suggest the placement of a crown, also known as a cap, on your child’s tooth. We typically recommend doing so when a tooth’s natural structure has been so substantially damaged by a cavity that a filling of any kind would be unlikely to remain in place.

Other conditions in which a crown is a good option include a tooth with a nerve infection caused by a cavity or one with decay affecting multiple sides of the tooth instead of just one discrete area.

Children who are at higher risk than normal of developing tooth decay for any reason can benefit from crown placement as well; in pediatric dentistry, crowns are the strongest, most predictable and generally reliable type of tooth restoration.

We offer a variety of kid-appropriate crowns for baby teeth, both stainless steel and white/zirconia. The white/zirconia crowns we use are made by a company called EZPEDO; they’re elegant, strong and an excellent choice to restore tiny teeth to a fully natural appearance.


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